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10 min short documentary 2012 

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我們最後的留學時光 | Our Last Uni Days  

14 min short documentary 2012

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Being Teresa 
14 min short documentary 2011 (HDV Cam) 

Teresa used to be very lonely at her first year of studying abroad. She spent most of time alone. But through time went by, Teresa gradually realised one thing. It doesn't matter if it's being alone, being independent or being lonely. What's more important is if she is being herself. 


Portrait in Forest Café  
5 min short documentary 2011 (DV Cam) 

Forest Café, a charitable, self-sustaining, not-for-profit creative space in Edinburgh, is facing a threat of shutting down due to landlord’s bankruptcy. A photographer, Liza, takes portraits of people there, not only to capture the spirit of Forest Café but also to explore what that place means to them.    

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The Lady from Shanghai 
5 min short documentary 2011 (DV Cam)

Ting, a Shanghainese student studying in the UK, experiences an inner journey during the Christmas holidays. The short film documents how her nostalgia of Chinese New Year accompanies her to go through a Western version of festive season.

I Love Edinburgh  
2 min experimental film 2010 (DV Cam) 

A girl loves cat, walking and the city Edinburgh; I love her, and everything she loves. I love Edinburgh.

I Love You Mum  
3 min short documentary 2010 (DV Cam)

Two years ago Yu-Hsueh left Taiwan to live alone in the UK. Living far away from home made him realise how much he loves his mum. However, he never told her this in his entire life. With the help of technology, he is able to say “I LOVE YOU” to his mum face to face, even from such a long distance.

離家多年出國唸書, 才發現自己有多愛老媽, 不過將近30歲, 卻從來沒有親口告訴她, 距離讓人變得誠實, 或許也變得勇敢, 於是我決定在幾千公里之外, 面對面跟她說這句心裡話..