Thursday, September 24, 2009

Purple Sky

"They love to tell you.
Stay inside the lines.
That something's better.
On the other side."

-- No Such Thing, John Mayer

Face the music, we all love cheezy boogie.

Thus we end up being the same type of person in many different ways, in another word, a bunch of hounds. Be more accurate, a bunch of indie buffs.

The key traits of us are not merely intrigued to concern the details of life, also, to pay loads of attention to the trivia now and then.

Say it simply, we are trivia nuts.

But you know, the whole world disappreciates our idea, tends to blank out our concept, even the worst, bends to 'fix' our behaviours through giving us lectures that solely consist of one viewpoint.

How can we put up with only one version of life?

Why do you have to accept the 'fact' that your so called seniors compel you ?

Why can't the sky be purple in your photographic works or even in your eyes ?

Who says that you have to stay in a better paid job to wind up the rest of your life even if you feel unhappy most of the time ?

Who says that you have to stay inside the lines ?

The thing is, there are no such lines, there are no such things you have to do or not to do unless you truly long for doing.

Thus, the sky definitely can be purple, no such thing is impossible, so is your dream, and your life.


yeh ruenn said...

i am truly agree with it !

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