Monday, April 04, 2011

A Decent Stalker

A stunning girl walks on street. She senses a guy walks behind her in a strangely close distance.

She stops to turn around and says:

"Are you stalking me?"

"Not really. I'm just following you."


"Because I find you very special."

"You sound like a stalker with an outdated pick up line."

"I'd simply consider myself as your follower."

"You think we are on Twitter or something?"

"I'd like to do that as well."

"You stalker! Tell me, what's the difference between stalking and following?"

"Not sure, but guess it's simple. When you heel somebody with dirty mind is called stalking, otherwise is called following."

"So you mean you're stalking me with a decent mind?"

"Hmm...perhaps you could say so."

"What's on your mind then? When you 'followed' me."

"A thought struke me out of blue when I first saw you, I was stunned. I told myself 'I have to look into her eyes.'"


"I think I was wrong."

"What about?"

"I thought I never believe in 'Love at first sight' that kind of crap."

"And then?"

"But now, I do."

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