Friday, February 25, 2011

My nostalgic lyricism

I was a morose type of person. But not any more, hopefully.

However, a voice in my head always tells me: you need to keep writing, write down everything that strikes you, moves you, haunts you, comforts you.

I did so, but merely in my mother language traditional Chinese. As time goes by, more Chinese writings I have done, stronger desire of English writings is awaking.

You might wonder, what the heck are you going to write? Simply I will say, home and intimacy, which are two vital elements of my film making inspirations.

I am a greedy type of person, if speaking of dreaming, delicacy, love and more. My statement proves right away as you could see.

I choose to be a film maker, a writer in bilingual way. That sounds ambitious, and of course, greedy. But if I choose not to do that, not to follow my heart. Consequently, I might end up being a morose person. That doesn't sound too intriguing.

It all starts from here, from now.

1 comment:

Fuse said...

I've already decided that I'm already a morose person. I see you still have your dreams to follow, such as writing and making films. I used to have these dreams, and still do... i guess. Anyway, Good luck!