Sunday, July 19, 2009


我想要被你催眠 I wanna be hypnotized by you
無論是懷錶或眼睛 Whether the fob or the eyes
等不及在你的咒語中迷失 Can't wait to lose in your spell
奉獻我的意識 Dedicate my awakening
呆滯我的呆滯 Dull my dull

你是一片美好又自顧不暇的煙霧 You are a lovely mist can't fend for yourself
我沈溺你的沈溺 I'm addicted to your addiction
我墮落你的墮落 I wallow in your wallow
你感情豐厚的指尖 Your fingertip with sentimentality
在空氣中擰下的那點 Point at the point in air
是我此生追隨的眷戀 The point of devotion I shall dangle after

我想要被你催眠 I wanna be hypnotized by you
我想要記得你的指尖 I wanna keep your fingertip by heart
在那之前 Then extinguish myself by then


這個字時,猛然迸發的一個念頭(something popped into my head)。


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